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[12/06/20 @ 3p]
welcome to occlumency, an original pb community set in jk rowling's harry potter universe. the community has two available settings: salem, massachusetts, a small city with a large and historic magical population, and boston, massachusetts, a large city where the magical and the muggle blend together seamlessly. characters can be as immersed or as removed from magical life as you wish, employed as teachers at the local witches academy, shop owners in one of the many stores catering to special clientele, tour guides selling edited versions of the commonwealth's colonial history, students at muggle universities, and whatever else your imagination can come up with! we hope to create a rich and complex universe and encourage you to come up with diverse and interesting occupations for your characters to help create a thriving and active community. some preliminary locations have been created below, more will be added as the community grows.

taken ● landmarkslexicon

[12/05/20 @ 4p]
the rules here shouldn't surprise you and we won't spell them out for you either; you know what is and is not acceptable behavior and we trust you to stick to it. we are looking to provide a place for players to have fun exploring an original, modern magical world, and strive to be a community of high quality writers. get as crazy into details with your characters as you want, we encourage creativity and out-there ideas in the spirit of the original books.

please comment below to hold pbs. holds are honored for 48 hours.

emilia clarke
lily collins
dave franco
jennifer lawrence
logan lerman
demi lovato
oli sykes
mae whitman
8 C

[12/04/20 @ 4p]
character name
played-by (were they held for you?)
journal (ooc, unlinked)
facts, biography, or examples (linked)
request membership x x

first adds will be done at 5+ apps

[12/03/20 @ 4p]
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